Defensa Volleyball Videos

Munciana Training Weekend for Defensa (October 2018)

Defensa athletes start the OVA season off with one of the best coaches around. Mike from Munciana comes to the Defensa Volleyball Club to teach our athletes some foundational skills of volleyball.


18U Defensa team faces Hurricanes 18U in the Gold Medal Match of the 2018 Ontario Championship.

18U Girls Grand Prix – Consolation / Championship GOLD 2018

18U Defensa team faces of 18U Leaside for the Consolation Championship Gold at the 2018 Grand Prix

Defensa 15U Purple Wins Silver at 16U OVA Tournament in Thornhill

Here are some volleyball game clips of Defensa 15U Purple at the OVA 16U Girls McGregor Cup on Feb. 17, 2018. The team took home Silver with a close third set match vs. the Wildcats 16UG Tigers in the Championship B Division

Defensa 15U Purple Highlights- 15U Girls McGregor Cup

Here are the Defensa 15U Purple game highlights from the 15U Girls McGregor Cup (Jan. 27, 2018) in London. The came home with the Bronze medal.

Defensa Practice Highlights Fall 2017

Some highlights from Defensa 15U and 17U practice. They are working hard to be ready for the start of the 2017-18 OVA season.

Finals: Defensa 17U vs 18U at 2017/18 Pre-Season OVA Kick-off Tournament

Defensa 17U faces off against Defensa 18U team in the Finals at the Annual Fanshawe College Pre-Season OVA Kick-Off tournament. Defensa 18U won this matchup to take the gold.

Defensa 15U Purple Wins 16U OVA Tournament at Brock

Defensa 15U Purple went undefeated in all sets throughout pool-play and playoffs at the OVA 16U tournament in Brock University (Saturday November, 25th, 2017). They defeated the top ranked 15U Niagara Rapid in the finals in straight sets to capture the Gold Medal. Here is a highlight reel of the day for these talented and hardworking athletes.

Defensa 15U Purple Highlights of Conestoga Tournament

Although Defensa 15U Purple team’s debut tournament did not end up as good has they had hoped, this team certainly made a mark on all the teams they played. The future is very bright for this group of talented athletes.

This is…. DEFENSA

Introducing the Defensa Teams for the 2016-17 Volleyball Season.

Day 1: Provincials Volleyball Championships 2017

Highlights of the Defensa 14U Purple at Day 1 of the Ontario Provincial Championships 2017

Gold Medal Match – 17U Girls Ontario Quebec Series

Watch our Defensa team take the Gold in 3-1 sets vs. Pakmen.

Semifinal – 17U Girls Ontario Quebec Series – Defensa (ON) v Titans (ON)

Defensa 14U/15U at OVA Tourney in Thorold

Highlight Reel video of Defensa 14U/15U team at the OVA Tournament in Thorold, Ontario on March 25, 2017.

Day 1: Defensa 15U @ 16U Smash Tournament

DAY 1 Highlight video reel of Defensa 15U squad at the 2017 Hamilton Smash Tournament (Feb. 18th, 2017)

Defensa 15U wins Silver medal in Barrie

Defensa 15U wins Silver medal at the 16U OVA Bugarski Cup in Barrie (March 04, 2017). Watch the Highlight video reel of the day.

Defensa 14U White @15U OVA Tournament

Some highlights of Defensa 14U White at the 15U OVA tournament in Richmond Hill- Feb. 11, 2017.

Defensa 14U Purple at the 2017 Rock N’ Rumble

Here is some video footage of Defensa 14U Purple at the 2017 Rock N’ Rumble in Cleveland, Ohio

Defensa 17U Pool-Play Highlights

Check out Defensa 17U pool-play highlights at the OVA Challenge Cup on December 17, 2016

Introducing Defensa 16U Volleyball Team

Introducing Defensa 16U Volleyball Team for 2016-17 OVA Season.

Silver Medal Finish for Defensa 14U Purple

Congratulations to Defensa 14U Purple for taking the Silver medal at the 15U OVA Tournament today.

Defensa 15U: Debut OVA Tournament

Defensa 14U Purple’s Debut OVA Tournament

Watch the highlight video reel of Defensa 14U Team Purple’s debut OVA tournament.  Good start to the season winning their first bronze medal.

Tournament Weekend Trailer

It’s tournament weekend for the Defensa Volleyball club. Come cheer our teams on and show your support.

Defensa 17U Debut OVA Tournament 2016

Here is a highlight reel of the Defensa 17U volleyball team as they fought their way to the Finals at their first OVA tournament for the 2016-17 season.  Great work ladies for finishing silver at your first tournament.

Defensa Training Weekend (14U: Day 1)

Defensa Volleyball 14U highlight reel of their training weekend.  They are prepping for their debut OVA tournament this November 2016.

Defensa Training Camp (14U: Day 2)

Defensa 14U Team Purple training hard again for the second day to prepare for their debut appearance at their OVA tournament in November 26th, 2016.

Day 1: Defensa 16U at the 2017 Rock N’ Rumble Volleyball Tournament

Day 1 of the 2017 Rock N’ Rumble Volleyball Tournament in Cleveland, Ohio.  Here are some pool-play action of the Defensa 16U squad.

Day 2: Defensa 16U at the 2017 Rock N’ Rumble Volleyball Tournament

Day 2 of the 2017 Rock N’ Rumble Volleyball Tournament in Cleveland, Ohio.  Here are some highlights of the Defensa 16U squad.