Defensa OVA Medals

What an exciting weekend of OVA Tournaments for Defensa. Great results from the teams that played this weekend.

Congratulations to Defensa 17U Team for their 3-1 set win over Pakmen to take the Gold Medal in Premier OVA Tournament held in Ottawa (January 29,2017).  Watch their matches on Youtube.

14U Purple OVA tournament

Defensa 14U Purple Team worked hard at practice last week on their defence and serves.  The improvements really showed during their matches this weekend (January 28th, 2017) as they battled hard to win all their games at the OVA Championship tournament in Richmond Hill.  This Gold Medal win moves them up to the Premier level.  Congratulations ladies!

13U OVA tournament

Congratulations to the 13U Purple team for winning the Silver Medal at this weekend’s OVA 14U Trillium tournament.  The 14U White team also finished 4th at the tournament.  Great job ladies!